Founded on September 9th, 1985, JOIAS CONDOR has estabilished itself as a leading manufacturer in Silver 925 and Gold plated jewelry in Brazil.

Achieving the preference and recognition of our customers was only possible through the work of a team committed and motivated to produce high quality and flawless finish jewelry.

Joias Condor has an advanced industrial plant and it is always investing in technology. The Company constantly follows techniques in order to beautify and differentiate its products.

Aware of its ecological role, the Company has installed in its premises a facility for treatment of liquid and gaseous effluents, restoring the natural resources used during the production process free of impurity.

   Headquarters - Rua Libero Badaró, 337
   Conj, 1202, Centro | São Paulo | SP
   Branch - Av. Alberto Pasqualini,
   1500 - Centro | Guaporé | RS
  (54) 3443-7700